NBA 2K21 – Court Players with the Best ‘Athleticism’ Stats (Part 1)

NBA 2K21 – Court Players with the Best ‘Athleticism’ Stats (Part 1)

When it comes to being the best in NBA 2K21, recruiting only the biggest, tallest and meanest basketball players in the game will only make you susceptible to one particular aspect of the beautiful game – explosiveness (speed and agility).

If your MyTeam (MT) squad is not fitted with sufficiently fast court players to position themselves ahead of the opposition attackers beforehand, more often than not your team will only concede points to the opponent much faster than you could even score yours.

Hence, here is why you should consider these extremely athletic players to be recruited into your in-game squad, based on their highest stat ratings under the ‘Athleticism’ category:



De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings): OVR 87

– The immensely young and talented Point Guard is exceptionally fast, boasting the highest in-game rating for top speed in NBA 2K21. When he finally gets his gears running, no other player in the game can outpace this speedy devil.

  • Speed: 97


De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings): OVR 87

– His time off the mark is also a significant factor to De’Aaron Fox’s menacing reputation as the King of Speed on the basketball court. With the highest in-game rating for Acceleration too, your opponents will need to decide on their formations and tactics wisely before squaring off against you again.

  • Acceleration: 97


Andre Drummond (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 83

– The highest Strength stat is shared by two professional players in NBA 2K21, but Andre is chosen due to the other’s (Joel Embiid) inclusion in another highest-stat list for another category. Coupled with his tall height, Andre Drummond is definitely a monster to beat when it comes to sheer brawns and power.

  • Strength: 95


Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans): OVR 90

–  Another hot prospect on this list, Zion Williamson is the current game’s best player when it comes to the Vertical stat. Here, he is potentially capable of reaching maximum jumping heights faster than any other player in the game, improving your chances of scoring dunks and rebounds more often.

  • Vertical: 99

Having some of these outstanding players within your current MT roster could definitely make your journey towards racking up those winning streaks much more feasible now.

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